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Pre-Primary Classes: 4 to 6 years
The children in this class follow a Royal Academy of Dance syllabus but again taught in a fun way, for example circus and clown scenes where each child has a little bit of mime and movement within the scene. There are more technical exercises in this class with the children being prepared for there first Presentation Class in front of a Royal Academy of Dance examiner.

Primary: 6 years and above
This class gets a little harder but are still fun! The children learn to dance with a partner for the first time and work towards performing a solo dance routine for a Royal Academy of Dance Presentation Class or examination. At this early stage the teacher is allowed to accompany the pupil into the presentation to give them confidence.

Grade 1, 2 and 3
Each grade is a progression with the completion of one grade leading to the next. The children by now feel a real sense of achievement. Each grade has a choice of a Royal Academy of Dance examination or the less formal presentation. Within these grades the children start to do character work and dances where they wear a character shirt and shoes.

Grade 4 and 5
By now the children have gained a good basic technique and are enjoying both classical and character work.

Grades 6, 7 and 8
These grades are delightful for the student and contain beautiful music and lovely classical free movement and character work

Intermediate and Advanced Levels
These vocational grades are part of the RAD Foundation syllabus which inspires students both technically and creativily, encouraging critical thinking and physical fitness.
They are for pupils who wish to take ballet more seriously or are considering a career in dance.

Adult Ballet
Ballet is an elegant classical form of dance that is also a fantastic way to tone up all parts of the body, improve posture, balance and flexibility. Our adult ballet classes are designed to give you training and understanding of the ballet technique whilst giving you a pleasurable versatile type of exercise. Ballet will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve breathing, body alignment and sense of well-being – as well as being great fun! There are two classes to choose from – the Beginner’s class is perfect for those with little or no ballet experience or those with only distant memories of taking classes at school.  The Intermediate class is for those with some ballet or dance experience who want to improve and develop their technique.  If you are unsure which class you would be best suited to then please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss it. All the classes are held in a fun, friendly and relaxed style.  The cost will be £7.00 per class so there is no need to commit  to a whole term of lessons or book in advance - simply turn up and pay on the day. If you need further information then please feel free to contact us for an informal chat. We hope to see you at adult ballet classes soon - it’s never too late to learn to dance!

To register for ballet classes at the Windrush School of Ballet please press the register button below:


Weekly Classes

Davenport Road                      Ceewood Hall - main hall                    Ceewood Hall - small hall

6 January - 23 March

7 January - 24 March

8 January - 25 March


10 January - 27 March

4 January - 28 March

  1. 16:00-17:00
    Grade 2 £79.25/term
  2. 17:00-18:00
    Grade 4 £85.25/term
  3. 18:00-19:00
    Grade 5 £85.25/term
  4. 19:00-20:00
    Adult Intermediate £7/lesson
  1. 17:00-18:00
    Grade 4 £85.25/term
  2. 18:00-19:00
    Grade 6 £85.25/term
  3. 19:00-20:00
    Grade 7 £85.25/term
  1. 16:30-17:30
    Grade 5 £85.25
  2. 17:30-18:30
    Grade 6 £85.25/term
  3. 18:30-19:30
    Intermediate £85.25/term
  4. 17:45-18:30
    Grade 3 £79.75/term
  1. 16:00-16:45
    Grade 4 £79.75/term
  2. 16:?45-17:30
    Tap £79.75/term
  3. 17:30-18:30
    Intermediate £85.25/term
  4. 18:30-19:30
    Advanced £85.25/term
  1. 09:15-10:00
    Primary £74.25/term
  2. 10:00-10:45
    Pre-Primary £74.25/term
  3. 10:45-11:30
    Grade 1 £79.25/term
  4. 11:30-12:15
    Grade 2 £79.25
  5. 12:15-13:15
    Grade 4 85.25/term
  6. 13:15-14:00
    Grade 5 £79.25/term
  1. 19:00-20:00
    Adult Beginners £7/lesson
  1. 16:30-17:30
    Grade 6 £85.25/term
  2. 17:30-18:30
    Grade 7 £85.25/term

Please note  term starts on Saturday 4 January to allow for RAD examinations on Saturday 14 March.

All second lessons and coaching classes will be £60.00 per term.

There will be no lessons during the half-term week from Monday 17 to Saturday 22 February.